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Are you looking to build a white label crypto wallet app?

You name it, opris develops it. Whether its a web, or mobile app the opris team has the expertise to build crypto wallets for different platforms of your choice.

Looking to build a secure white label cryptocurrency wallet?

Cryptocurrencies have been in the market for over a decade. And there is absolutely no doubt about its flourishing and one of the main reasons why crypto owners are investing to launch a white label cryptocurrency wallet because of its promising long-term returns. Precisely crypto wallets are gaining more attraction because the sole owner is responsible for their wallets. Utilize the benefits without any involvement of third parties and thus it is completely safe.



Million Traders



Supported Cryptos



Supported Countries

With the path of success, this whitelabel crypto wallet software development by opris is built on multi-chain and supports multi-currency crypto wallet with amazing UI/UX design and enhanced security features. The prominence of crypto wallets is potentially increasing because of the safe and secure transactions conducted in the wallet. Businesses can harness the potential and start a crypto wallet business that sparks their business.

You may launch your own ready-made whitelabel crypto wallet with opris which saves you time and money. This crypto wallet is not a regular one but you can make use of all the features and track your trader's transactions. They can even store, send or receive cryptos on the blockchain. Additionally, it is integrated with a multi-payment gateway.

Create a whitelabel crypto wallet software with an economical setup

Unlock the complete web3 potential in the crypto wallet that enables seamless crypto trading experiences. It has the best control over crypto assets as well. Our software developers will help you develop a white label cryptocurrency wallet website and mobile apps for iOS and Android that is efficient with grand-scale technologies and development method processes.

Set your success footsteps into the web3 horizon with a whitelabel crypto wallet development which is backed up with smart contract protocol. Opris offers a multi-tested white label crypto wallet development solutions with new features based on the latest or currency trends. Launch your own white-label cryptocurrency wallet that is subjected to series of tests to protect it from hackers and attacks. It is also capable of processing unlimited digital assets at a time. The setup cost will be economical depending on the business requirements.

Choose opris white label crypto wallet development services, to get the best and latest version of the whitelabel crypto wallet app. It is powered by Blockchain smart contracts and based on your business ideas that can be converted into a best white label crypto wallet application.

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Looking to develop a scalable enterprise grade white label crypto wallet application


Main features included in opris white label cryptocurrency wallet development

To give competitive features, opris will help you develop a whitelabel crypto wallet apps for iOS and Android with cutting-edge features.


OTC trading

Develop a whitelabel crypto wallet app with OTC or over-the-counter trading as a main feature. This feature enables your traders to trade directly with other buyer or seller. It increases efficiency by decreasing the lag along with the secure transaction.

Auto rejection of duplicates

Opris will help you launch a white label cryptocurrency wallet application that has auto rejection of duplicates or payment features in it. With improves the security of the wallet and will identify duplicate transactions and auto denies any payment that occurs.

Common trading types

Geo-location tracking

The geolocation tracking is a main feature-packed, when we create a whitelabel cryptocurrency wallet software. This tracks the location of your traders based on the latitude and longitude information for every trader creating the account.

Advanced conversion rate

The white label cryptocurrency wallet developed by opris software developers supports an advanced conversion rate. As the rates keep fluctuating and shift constantly. With this feature, traders can easily view the converted fiat currency balances in USD, AUD, etc.


Private key management

Opris developed a white-label crypto wallet with the help of app developers. It has a private key management support for your traders. This crypto wallet stores the trader's private keys which are used to access and manage their crypto holding account.

KYC process

The KYC is a well-crafted feature included in opris crypto wallet development. Know your customer (KYC) is an established identification and verification process. It ensures the authentication and security of funds.


AMM integration

Automated market makers or (AMM) is a main feature used to start a whitelabel crypto wallet app. The integration of this feature is completely decentralized that will execute automatically based on the process settings.


By including API connection in crypto wallet app developed by opris increases the efficiency of the wallet. The traders can buy and sell their cryptos instantly without the necessity to leave the platform.


Core features included in opris crypto wallet

Cross-platform compatibility


The cross-platform compatibility is a core feature powered in white label crypto wallet developed by opris. This offers highly secure transactions for traders to access from any platform. It suits well with iOS, android, and windows.

Automatic session logout


Opris developed crypto wallet has an automated session logout feature. It is enhanced security if the wallet is not active for a while it gets logged out automatically. Then the trader has to sign in again to access the account.

Multi-currency support


In order to showcase versatility in the crypto wallet developed by opris, it supports multi-currency features. The crypto wallet allows your traders to use any currency of their choice for trading, storing, etc.

Appealing user and admin dashboard


The crypto wallet developed by opris has an attractive user and admin dashboard. The dashboard is very simple and user-friendly to navigate or access any features. Thus improving productivity.

Transaction history and wallet backup


Transaction history and wallet backup is possible in the opris crypto wallet. The traders can go back on their account settings to check their transaction history of purchases and even enable the wallet backup option.

Multi-lingual support


Opris developed a white-label crypto wallet that supports the multi-lingual feature. The traders can change the setting to their native language and access wallet. This attracts global traders to use the crypto wallet.

In-app chat transactions


The in-app chat transaction is a feature included in opris crypto wallet. This allows your traders to exchange crypto assets in a highly secure way without any limits with the necessary of any crypto exchange medium.

Multi-security layer


The opris developed a cryptocurrency wallet that has multiple layers for security purposes. It is a very secure space for sending, receiving or storing multiple crypto assets in the crypto wallet.

QR scanner


QR scanner code is a core feature incorporated with the opris crypto wallet development. The payments are completed at a lightning speed by just scanning the code to complete the transaction between the buyer and seller.

Develop a whitelabel cryptocurrency wallet app with rigorous standard security feature
Biometric authentication

The biometric authentication is a security feature packed while developing a crypto wallet. This authentication is a double security process that restricts any potential account hacks. It recognizes fingerprints, retina or facial expressions.

Multi-signature support

The multi-signature support is a security feature in opris developed crypto wallet. It an added layer of security to shield the cryptos in the wallet. Traders can assign two co-signers to approve the withdrawal request on the wallet.

Anti-phishing properties

Opris developed a white label crypto wallet anti-phishing security feature. This protocol blocks phishing attacks where one possess to contact traders through email, text or call to share sensitive information.

DDoS mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a common type of security feature inbuilt in the crypto wallet. The wallet will have DDoS protection to prevent any such attacks that is aimed at overwhelming traffic system.

Database encryption mechanism

The database encryption is an essential security feature included in opris developed crypto wallet. This wallet stores the data in an encrypted form using AES ( advanced encryption standard).

SSL integration

The SSL integration is a security protocol that offers encryption and authentication in crypto wallet developed by opris. The communication and transaction between the traders cannot be accessed and the data is transmitted securely.

E2E encryption

The end-to-end encryption is added as a security feature in opris crypto wallet. This encrypts all the data of traders that is sent from the sender’s side and only the person on the receiver end can decrypt it.

Create a user-friendly white label crypto wallet application on different platforms

White label crypto software wallet development from opris is adapted on different devices, it can be web, android, or iOS.


Accelerate your cryptocurrency exchange business with Opris

Successful cryptocurrency exchange application development requires a balanced approach. We blend personalized, in-depth technical guidance with scalable script. By leveraging Agile development methodologies, trading tools, and best practices around security and risk management. we help fintech based businesses meet their needs reliably and efficiently.

Launch a best white label crypto wallet with extended add-ons

Opris whitelabel crypto wallet development offers cutting-edge and unique features to give you a competitive advantage.

Home screen customization

Develop a white label crypto wallet application with home screen customization. The end users can select the projects of their choice and add them to their home screen for easy access.

No risk of inflation

Opris helps you create a whitelabel cryptocurrency wallet app that is not subjected to risks like inflation of the market. It saves the money that one can lose from fluctuating prices and volatility.

Buy crypto with credit card

Businesses can launch their own white label crypto wallet with credit card options to buy crypto is very beneficial for the traders or users using your crypto wallet.

Accessed address

The transactions are way easier to access when searched are made simple in the crypto wallet developed by the opris app developers. This is very convenient for traders to readily access the readily available addresses.

Instant swapping

The instant swapping has been integrated while developing a crypto wallet. The traders can quickly swap one cryptos for another without leaving their wallets. Your trader can conveniently use this for fast transaction times.

Yield farming

The yield farming service in opris white label crypto wallet allows your traders to lock their crypto tokens for a certain time period. One can earn rewards for their tokens and is managed by smart contracts.

Launch cryptocurrency exchange application with the readymade White label wallet clone script

Take an clear insight of Opris crypto wallet clone script

Whether it's web, mobile, we have the expertise to build cryptocurrency exchange application for the platforms of your choice

Admin features to include in the opris whitelabel cryptocurrency wallet app

Admin management
User management
Robust dashboard
Analytics admin panel
Auto public key generation
Trading engine
Transaction management

User features to include in the opris white label crypto wallet application

Seamless Login/restore wallet
KYC verification
Account setting
Wallet management
Security settings
Backup and recovery
Wallet history
Easy deposit and withdrawal
Secure transactions
Profile settings
White label wallet clone script development for android and iOS

Busiesses can create their own white label crypto wallet mobile app users. Your users get best experience with mobile devices and can perform all tasks and engage actively in the exchange.

Your traders will have no problem while dealing with P2P transactions, swaps, and 2-factor authentication. For a crypto tycoon like you, building this ready made white label crypto wallet application is a real passive income-generating one.


Launch cryptocurrency exchange application with the readymade white label wallet clone script

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Whether it's web, mobile, we have the expertise to build cryptocurrency exchange application for the platforms of your choice

Explore the benefits of white label crypto wallet software

By using opris white label cryptocurrency wallet development solutions, you can launch fully-functional white-label wallet apps, facilitating you kickstart a cryptocurrency exchange business like white label wallet in a few days along with numerous perks

High scalability

Every cryptocurrency exchange can process a large number of trades at once.So,software enriched with bug-free backed, white label wallet clone script exhibit the app's competence to handle millions of users.

Customized UI

A script supports for customize the design for your vision to recreate the white label wallet application based on your requirements.

Faster deployment

A script quickly deploys on the required server requirements. We exhibit the knack of pampering our customers with all-encompassing, all-inclusive support at every touchpoint of the cryptocurrency exchange development process.

Ready to launch

The arresting array of cryptocurrency exchange business solutions are not just aesthetically pleasing and highly secured but can be launched in a matter of a few days.

White-label solutions

We metamorphose the white label wallet clone with your ingrained business identity elements such as logo, brand name, making you the sole owner of the cryptocurrency exchange application.

Non-disclosure agreement

We religiously adhere to the regulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us, making the entire development process leak-proof.

We go the extra mile

Your success is our success. We take responsibility for the success of your project

Opris cryptocurrency exchange script developed by Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd is a team of experts in digital product development for web and mobile, certified professionals in digital solutions. We have extensive experience in many industries including the following — Fintech, Martech, Edutech.

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Why modern technology stack preferable for your crypto exchange business?

The next generation of technology stack that will transform life significantly. Experience lightning-fast and seamless data transactions with modern technology, even when dealing with high volumes of trading requests. Enjoy faster transactions and improved scalability with the advanced support system.

AI-Powered-Digital-Assets-Exchange-Software AI-Powered-Digital-Assets-Exchange-Software

We believe that any sufficiently advanced software is equivalent to magic.


Advanced technology stack utilized to develop a white label cryptocurrency wallet application

Opris is always on the lookout for advanced and updated trending technologies to build a white label wallet crypto wallet platform. It is compatible with all devices and with a user-friendly interface.


Why you should choose to develop a whitelabel crypto wallet form opris?

Opris offers one of the best white label crypto wallet development services. We help businesses to start their own app that is user-friendly and has the necessary features. By choosing our whitelabel crypto wallet development solutions, you can take your business to next level. With the help of our app developers, you can create a wallet that supports multiple trading of cryptocurrencies and offers quick transactions.

100% source code
Free installation & set up
One time payment
Multiple languages (RTL, LTR)
End to end support
Security & reliability
App in your brand name


01 How to enhance the security of the crypto wallet developed by opris?

The crypto wallet developed by opris has standard inbuilt security features like biometric authentication, 2FA, multi-signature wallets and more. Any additional security measures can also be added, if needed.

02 Can we store multi cryptocurrencies in a single wallet?

Yes, it is highly possible to store multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. And you can also store the same wallet as well.

03 What are the standard features included in opris white label crypto wallet development?

Opris add advanced features to the wallet based on the client’s project requirement. Some of the common features included multi-crypto access, trading, staking and more.

04 How does opris crypto wallet benefit my business?

A cryptocurrency wallet is one the highest revenue-making gateway for crypto businesses. Your businesses can yield ROI by for specific transactions, crypto staking and other services.

05 How long will it take to build a cryptocurrency wallet?

Since opris white-label cryptocurrency wallet is pre-built and ready to go. It might take few days for the customization process and business plan. In a matter of days the project will be deployed.

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