Planning to Launch a Crypto Exchange App Similar to Coinbase?

Nearly every day, new cryptocurrencies are being created. Exchange platforms are necessary to enable the seamless training of virtual coins in order to meet the expanding demand. We provide award-winning coinbase clone software and coinbase clone script features including multi-currency wallets, real-time market charts, user- friendly trade choices, and more. Our coinbase scripts are safe, dependable, and cutting-edge.


Flexible User Interface

Get a responsive, speedy, and easy-to-use interface that is minimalist. Your UI will be free of errors and glitches thanks to the work of our team of developers.

Transaction history

View the history of all cryptocurrency transactions that users conducted on your platform using either a basic view or an enhanced view that will show detailed transaction information.

Trading channels for communication

Our Coinbase clone scripts provide in-app chat features for your platform. This feature in your coinbase clone app makes it simple for traders to interact with one another and reach an agreement.

Two-factor authentication

Your users and your cryptocurrency exchange like coinbase platform will be more protected if you implement additional security mechanisms. Using two-factor authentication will particularly shield wallets from hacking.

Using push notifications

Utilize push alerts to keep users informed about the status of their transactions and search results.

Dependable escrow wallet

Using escrow wallets, make cryptocurrency transfers between buyers and sellers easier. Keep your crypto currencies and send them to buyers whenever they accept the terms from the seller.


Give your platform's users the chance to promote the cryptocurrencies they have to offer. Users will be able to construct adverts in a matter of minutes for a price that will depend on the length and audience of their ad.

Live Markets

On your platform, traders will be able to see the market value of cryptocurrencies in real-time.

Support for multiple coins

Having support for a variety of cryptocurrencies will increase the platform's utility. Include cryptocurrencies other than the well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Smart contracts

Create conditions to automate transaction verification processes. You may give users of your site a rapid option to complete cryptocurrency transactions in this manner.

Advantages Of Using Our Coinbase Clone Script

Because cryptos are naturally universally accepted and have a global user base, we offer our cryptocurrency exchange development services in all of the major languages spoken worldwide.

Numerous Payment Options

Users can engage in transactions almost by any manner because there are more than 300 different payment choices available

Independent P2P Trading

Give users complete freedom to independently purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges without interference from outside parties.

Functionality Support

Because cryptos are naturally universally accepted and have a global user base, we offer our services in all of the major languages spoken worldwide.

Centralized Dashboard

Effective management is ensured by providing the business owners with a bird's-eye perspective of the whole business operations on the platform.

Ratings and Reviews

Since admins have access to customer evaluations and feedback on different sellers and the entire process, corrective actions can be put in place.

Offline Wallets

Administrators can secure the cryptos in an exclusive offline wallet in addition to the necessary internet wallet while conducting transactions.


Users don't need to worry about fraudulent activity because our white label Coinbase clone script conducts business using escrow wallets, an extremely secure method of exchanging digital currency.

Advanced Functions

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CSRF Security

Our Coinbase clone has been fixed with a powerful cross-site request forgery security system, so there's no need to worry about harmful URLs.

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Managing Fraud Prevention

By including strong anti-phishing software inside the platform or coinbase clone app, vulnerabilities and dangers coming from insecure networks are eliminated.

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DDoS Protection

Protect your P2P exchange platform from denial-of-service attacks thanks to an embedded DDoS attack prevention.

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End-to-End Encryption

To increase the security of our Coinbase clone, all internal communication and transaction data are encrypted. Complete discretion is established.


Our Coinbase clone was created following strict security guidelines.

Our cryptocurrency exchange development services have served for many years, we are undoubtedly well-versed in what we regard as the foundation of cryptocurrency the emphasis on security. That's the main reason we've combined an all-encompassing development approach with top-notch, well praised security testing methods that establish a level of security that is nothing short of impossibly high. Our crypto experts examined tens of thousands of exchanges to identify potential flaws and built our Coinbase clone script platform to be impervious to dangers and weaknesses. View some of the security audits conducted on our white label coinbase clone script development offering.

Critical security features including AML, SPF, WAF, 2FA, X-Frame, SSL, Cookie-Security, and anti-phishing software are present.


To fully remove any potential security concerns, malfunctions, and in-app bugs that may exist, we employ multiple stages of penetration testing. The development process can only proceed until the tests have been cleared.


To identify configurational functional flaws that have gotten past the other security barriers, our quality assurance experts use some of the most rigorous evaluation procedures. The final P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform can be regarded as being completely devoid of flaws and faults.


Process for Developing a Coinbase Clone App

Analysis of Requirements

Together, you and our team of gracious customer service specialists jot down all of your requirements and create a vision for the app.


Our team of elite engineers, designers, and crypto experts unleashes their brilliance once we have compiled your criteria to deliver a complete action plan.

Designing for UI/UX

Our designers use their imagination to create stunning iterations of UI design for your app while keeping in mind the inherent economic sensibility of cryptocurrency.


Our skilled engineers meticulously code the complete exchange platform to perfection while utilising the ground-breaking in-house blockchain technology.


The Coinbase clone is purposefully tested using a variety of security techniques to make sure the system is devoid of flaws, errors, and problems.


We handle the platform's thorough installation into the client network and ensure that it is immediately capable of handling cryptocurrency transactions.


We offer comprehensive support from conception through post-deployment, and any changes can be easily included into the app.

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