Key Highlights Of The WazirX Clone:

Margin Trading

Our WazirX clone makes margin trading simple, making it easy to borrow money and secure crypto assets

Multiple Coin Support

Don't use Bitcoins to limit your options. Other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, and others are supported via our cutting-edge P2P crypto trading platform.

Real-Time Pricing

Live bitcoin price updates are provided to users in our Wazrix clone platform, promoting logical trading choices and boosting confidence in your platform.

Trading Bot

With a focus on great profitability, our WazirX clone flaunts a cryptocurrency trading bot that automates the buying and selling procedure.

Dispute Resolution

The admin's quick action guarantees that tokens/disputes between all platform stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, and escrows, are successfully resolved.

KYC/AML Verification

Establish zero tolerance for fraud by requiring user identities to be verified in accordance with KYC rules.

Security Features Of WazirX Clone Script

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Two factor Authentication

Our WazirX clone software platform imitation has unbeatable two-factor authentication that also includes biometric verification in addition to the standard login and password.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Email Verification

Access to the user wallet is only permitted following email verification of the user's identity.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Asymmetric Encryption

By integrating the convenience of asymmetric encryption into the platform, confidentiality and non-repudiation of cryptographic transactions are asserted.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
HTTP Authentication

By using HTTP authentication, our WazirX clone effectively eliminates vulnerabilities and dangers from all network connections

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Escrow - Enabled Wallet

Staggering sense of transaction safety is assured as every transaction is employed through an escrow wallet, and only after confirmation, cryptos are transferred to the user wallet.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Jail Login

The User wallet is extremely safe because to several authentication factors and verification setups.

How Does the P2P Exchange for the WazirX Clone Work?


Users are asked to register on the site by providing their contact details, including their phone number and email address, and after doing so, they are given their own wallets.


A chat head emerges and helps the two parties negotiate once the buyer accepts the transfer.

Payment Options

Then, sellers can publish adverts describing their offer, including the currency type, exchange rate, methods of payment that are accepted, any restrictions, etc.


The purchaser is then instructed to make the required payment using one of the several on-platform payment methods.


Buyers are notified of these selling opportunities, and they choose the best and most suited ad for their requirements.


Administrators instruct escrows to immediately transfer the required amount of cryptocurrency from their wallet to the user wallet in the case that the seller verifies the transaction.

Advantages Of Using Our WazirX Clone Script

Numerous Payment Options

Users can engage in transactions almost in any manner because there are more than 300 different payment choices available in our Wazirx clone platform development services

Independent P2P Trading

Gives users complete freedom to independently purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges without interference from outside parties.

Functionality Support

Because cryptos are naturally universally accepted and have a global user base, we offer our services in all of the major languages spoken worldwide.

Centralized Dashboard

Effective management is ensured by providing the business owners with a bird's-eye perspective of the whole business operations on the platform.

Ratings and Reviews

Since admins have access to customer evaluations and feedback on different sellers and the entire process, corrective actions can be put in place.

Offline Wallets

Administrators can secure the cryptos in an exclusive offline wallet in addition to the necessary internet wallet while conducting transactions.


Users don't need to worry about fraudulent activity because our WazirX clone conducts business using escrow wallets, an extremely secure method of exchanging digital currency.

WazirX Clone App Development

Nearly every day, new cryptocurrencies are being created. Exchange platforms are necessary to enable the seamless training of virtual coins in order to meet the expanding demand. We provide award-winning clone wazirx clone software and wazirx clone script features including multi-currency wallets, real-time market charts, user- friendly trade choices, and more. Our wazirx scripts are safe, dependable, and cutting-edge.
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View Orders

Users have the right to view real-time order books with related information, such as the kind of cryptocurrency, exchange rates, price, available payment methods, etc.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Manual Trading

Buyers and sellers that prefer manual trading over automated exchange can purchase or sell cryptocurrencies to the appropriate individuals.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Recent Orders

Users are authorised to monitor the most recent orders and their specific transaction details in order to determine the type of trading.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Top Gainers/Losers

The list of top traders is shown in descending order so that users may become fully immersed in the functioning of the site.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Order Tracking

Users are informed at every step of the transaction process and may monitor the status of live and ongoing orders quickly.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Raise Disputes

Users can easily raise objections about a specific transaction and ask for an administrator's assistance if they are dissatisfied with the procedure or believe they have been taken advantage of.

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Pair/trade Search

Users have access to an advanced search bar that groups vendors and buyers according to a number of parameters. They can also combine with cryptocurrency.

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