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Cryptocurrency exchange software


Around $1.5 billion USD as a market share, the cryptocurrency exchange business is growing to a larger extent and any business involved with this sector is booming without any higher level of fuss.

Cryptocurrency Exchange is a business model that facilitates trading of cryptocurrencies between two parties. The facilitation of the entire platform will be done through a portal that is commonly known as Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform or Cryptocurrency trading platform.

Running a Cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most lucrative and trendy business that requires a team to handle Cryptocurrency exchange software development. It has a potential of reaching a market cap of Billion dollars in no time and in long run with steady upgrades reaching trillion dollar market share is very much possible.

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Essential features for a successful cryptocurrency exchange business

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Robust Trading Experience

Cryptocurrency exchange software development services are built up to the precision points that a trade can be executed effortlessly.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Unlimited Trading Pairs

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform software builds a systematic way of managing people simple and secure scheduling user management from one central dashboard.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Perfect Score Security

Software configured to best practices and with all security features enabled around 99.9% is the secure score for your cryptocurrency exchange services.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Super Admin Management

Software built for the cryptocurrency exchange development platform will be able to make unlimited trades with multiple trading windows without worrying about speed.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Unassailable Custody

Wallet custody is the aspect of the security concerns that were specially crafted to deal with a situation when a hacker or users are illegitimate.

crypto-exchange-development-services crypto-exchange-development-services
Scalable Architecture

We design software with a scalable architecture that can natively handle such traffic load, or that enlarges the architecture to handle good experience for your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Solution for multiple cryptocurrency exchange business models

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Development Services Simplified

Opris Exchange provides cryptocurrency exchange app & website solutions. Launch Your Crypto Trading Platform Today!

CEX centralized-exchange-software-development

Centralized Exchange

Centralized exchange developed by Opris with a seamless trading engine ensures the performance on par with the globally acclaimed trading platforms. The dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency exchange platform proves it to be the best among the crowd.

DEX decentralized-exchange-software-development

Decentralized exchange

We develop decentralized exchange that is backed up with well audited smart contracts and will help you to launch reliable decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software services for a different sets of network such as Ethereum, TRON, Stellar and Waves.

HYBRID hybrid-exchange-software-development

Hybrid Exchange

Hybrid exchange is a power-packed combination of both centralized and decentralized versions of cryptocurrency exchange. With a clear perception of hybrid workflow, we can develop a hybrid exchange with high performance making us a bankable cryptocurrency exchange software development services provider.

P2P peer-to-peer-exchange-development

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

With a peer-to-peer trading system executes transactions without the involvement of any third party and involves the customers and dealers directly. Opris exchange software is powered by smart contracts to foster dependable transactions.

Key Features of our White Label cryptocurrency Exchange Software

White-label crypto exchange software is a ready-to-launch solution to help launch your own crypto exchange in the market instantly at ease.
Liquidity / Market Management API

Market making and liquidity management is not a headache anymore with our support and guidance in integrating the API

Trading Engine

Tried and tested custom made trading engine that can handle from 100,000 to 500,000 transactions swiftly without any major lags and complications

Limit / Market / Stop-Limit / OCO Order Management

Order management including open, closed, active and pending can be done effectively within the platform which directly influences the users to trade more

Margin Trading

open positions quickly, balance risk and diversify your trading portfolio through margin trading type

Derivatives Trading

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform equipped with Derivative trading option provides more flexibility for the user to engage with multiple trading options that increases the engagement rate and the standard of the exchange to a higher level.

Dedicated Helpdesk

A well dedicated helpdesk (support system) helps the users to get in touch with the admin and allows the admin to resolve the issues and queries posted with an effective management panel

Mobile Responsive Interface

With a design that can adapt to any size of screens makes our solution one of the best cryptocurrency exchange scripts available in the market

Dedicated Mobile Applications

Standalone android and iOS applications for the exchange solutions and wallets attract a larger number of users and allow them to involve more with the application as they can handle it using their cell phones itself

Inbuilt KYC / AML Management

Inbuilt KYC/AML Management system is one of the much needed features that helps you to identify your customer. This ensures the confidence of the admin.

Escrow / Dispute Management

Managing the Escrow and Disputes in a single window reduces a huge burden in the minds of the administrator which can be done effectively with the help of our platform

Affiliate Management

Managing the affiliates and their commissions is a simple task which can be done with the help of the affiliate management interface

Solution for multiple cryptocurrency exchange business models

Security Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Opris Exchange, provides the best white label crypto exchange software solutions developed by following robust Cryptocurrency exchange development practices to kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange with instant solutions

Customer Data Protection


Opris offers encryption in cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our team ensures that messages are secured. The information will be encrypted and only the person with the authorized key or algorithm can read your message.

Server Availability

Opris can ensure that your IT infrastructure can function normally even if some of its components fail. We offer this crucial service in our cryptocurrency exchange development services to prevent your business from any negative impact.

Access Control

We provide controlling access to vital resources to employ in your computer security. The privacy of your data is greatly secured by our access control.

Threat Protection

We at Opris offer a complete risk management solution for your blockchain network that employs assurance services, cybersecurity frameworks and eliminates vulnerabilities. We follow best practices to lower risks.

Business Continuity

Opris understands and helps your business by dealing with the first step in obtaining a sufficient level of risk mitigation and following a successful plan in order to reduce any adverse effect in future.

Cyber Liability Insured

We assure your businesses by shieling it from hefty expenses of data breach.Opris helps you by keeping an eye on the payments between parties to administrate expenses.

white-lable-crypto-exchange-software white-lable-crypto-exchange-software
white-lable-crypto-exchange-software white-lable-crypto-exchange-software

Secure Development Lifecycle

Product Planning

Product planning is the nascent stage for any kind of project, our effective project management team the stages of the project will be planned effectively and ensures the delivery of the project as planned.

Development and Code Review

Development phase holds major shares in the entire cycle of the project, A well experienced technical team at Opris carry out the Development phase as planned by the project management team to keep the clients posted at regular intervals.

Change Management

This phase of the project deals with the implementation of client's feedbacks and integrating the features that are requested as add-ons. As per our analyst guidelines this phase will be carried out cautiously in order to place the requested function in the architecture planned.

Segregation of Duties

At this stage, the roles and responsibilities will be assigned with the inclusion of devops team, A local testing environment will be created which will acts as a sandbox version that allows the QA engineers to test the efficiency and functional flow


Testing is the crucial phase for any kind of applications. Testing will be managed and debugging of the bugs will be carried out in parallel with an effective management tool and will be monitored effectively by the QA Engineers. Upon the QA Approval the platform will be deployed.

Software built with soild-proof security

Inbuilt Google 2FA management

2 factor authentication ensures complete control over the login activity of the users.

Wallets with 3D security

Wallets with 3 dimensional security that can be operated only with the OTP authentication makes it more secure.

Browsercap restriction

The exchange administrator can restrict the users from the specific region to access the site with the help of browsercap.

Firewall protection

A well structured and programmed firewall helps the site owner to relax all the time as they are aware that their exchange platform is safe.

HTTP Authentication

Token-assisted HTTP authentication functions like OAuth makes user authentication more stable and secure.

End to End Encryption

The entire operations and the accessing of API will be encrypted in both ways making the entire operation even more safer and secure.

DDoS Protection by Cloudflare

Restricting the entire system from the targeted attack performed over the platform by mitigating with the help of Cloudflare.

Biometric authentication

Accessing the exchange platform through Biometric authentication is the superior security feature that a platform can avail.

white-lable-crypto-exchange-software white-lable-crypto-exchange-software
Opris exchange Development

How Opris Benefits Your Business

Development time & efforts saved

Our dedicated MVP development team for Cryptocurrency exchange software development services will help you to avoid common product mistakes and reduce operational costs by testing fewer assumptions.

Solid ground for long-term plan

With data-driven decisions and a well-thought strategy, you can continue improving your product, cater it to business objectives and scale faster.

Validated learning about customers

Working within time and finance limits, we help you find a reasonable balance between bringing your idea to life and what your customers really need.

Opris processs

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Approach

Centralized exchange developed by Opris with a seamless trading engine ensures the performance on par with the globally acclaimed trading platforms. The dynamic nature of the platform proves it to be the best among the crowd.
Requirement Analysis

Product planning is the initial phase of any project. With the help of our skilled project management team, the project's stages will be carefully planned, and we'll make sure it gets done when we say it will.


Project design is the initial stage of a project where the main characteristics, organisation, success factors, and primary deliverables are planned out. The objective is to create one or more designs that can be applied to realise the intended project objectives.


The entire project cycle is dominated by the development phase, which is carried out by an expert technical team at Opris in accordance with plans made by the project management team to update clients on a regular basis.


The most important stage of any application is testing. An efficient management tool will be used to handle testing, and bug fixes will be carried out concurrently under the effective supervision of QA Engineers. The platform will be made available following QA approval.


The product is put into production during the deployment phase, the last stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC). The product is prepared to go live after being tested by the project team and passing each testing stage.

Modern Technology Stack For Scalable Architecture

We provide helper libraries for the most popular programing Languages, so you can focus on the most important aspects instead of wasting time connecting the pieces together
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Angular Js
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Vue Js
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development React Js
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Next Js
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development CSS3
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development HTML5
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Bootstrap
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Material UI
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Node Js
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development PHP
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Rust
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Solidity
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Laravel
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development django
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Python
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development C#
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Mongo DB
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Postgresql
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development DynamoDB
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development Firebase
cryptocurrency-exchange-software-development MySQl

Server Requirements


Why modern technology stack preferable for your crypto exchange business?

The next generation of technology stack that will transform life significantly. Modern technology guarantees a faster and smoother transactions of data, no matter how high the amount of trading requests. Users can look forward to faster transactions and better support for more scalable approach.

cryptocurrency-exchange-development-services cryptocurrency-exchange-development-services

We believe that any sufficiently advanced software is equivalentto magic.


Why Choose Opris Exchange Software

We intelligently craft to amplify your business success

We understand that all customers are not the same; hence, one software won't work effectively in all cases. In Opris, you can start your cryptocurrency exchange business with essential features, trading tools and exchange frameworks.

Opris is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange software service company started by a group of highly motivated individuals with an extensive level of expertise and experience in cryptocurrency exchange development and aiming to become the best crypto exchange software provider in the market.

With a feature loaded cryptocurrency exchange software developed with less complication and great clarity helps crypto enthusiasts to start and run their own bitcoin exchange platform without any major technical issues and helps them to concentrate more on their scaling process.

Build Your Own Exchange Like Top CEXs



Opris's pre-engineered duplicate of the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchange platform in India is the Opris WazirX clone script. Our ready-to-deploy Crypto Marketplace setup may be found in our Wazirx clone script. where every required in-app component has already been created.

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Our Poloniex Clone Script has automated capabilities and security-enhanced features. We at Opris provide you with feature-rich, sophisticated Poloniex clone software that is tested extensively, and is ready for immediate deployment!

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Our Huobi clone script is an exchange software for cryptocurrencies that includes all of Huobi's trading tools, functions, and plugins. With Opris's software the collection of most crucial features, you can simply reach your target market.

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Bitstamp clone allows users to access cryptocurrencies on a safe, tested, and guaranteed platform. Through planned order execution and continuous uptime, Opris bitstamp exchange clone script will enable you to offer premium access for cryptocurrency trading to both people and institutions.

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Opris will help you develop and implement a Kraken-like cryptocurrency trading platform using the Kraken clone software. Advanced technology and flexible customization possibilities were used in the creation and development of our Kraken clone script. The Kraken website clone supports a large variety of crypto coins for buying and selling with different trading pairings.

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Our Binance clone script helps you create a cryptocurrency exchange with a robust trading engine that is completely unique to you and your business. Our flawless Binance clone script incorporates best-in-class features and has the potential to support a wide range of coins.

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Build Your Own Exchange Like Top DEXs



Opris offers a perfect clone of the most well-known decentralized exchange,in Uniswap Clone Script. Our Uniswap Clone Script lets users easily swap bitcoin tokens, just like Uniswap does. We provide flawless Uniswap Clone Script that is packed with strong security features and other eye-catching features.

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1 inch

We at Opris provide a scalable 1inch Clone Script with features including reducing liquidity problems, accumulating funds and data, and flexible trading with a gas fee. Investors can establish a profitable DEX platform and save more time by using a 1inch clone script to access various exchanges.

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Opris DyDx combines the lightning-fast speed and usability of a centralized exchange with the absolute security and transparency of a decentralized exchange. Our unique feature in the DyDx clone script is one of the most popular DEX scripts.

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With cutting-edge features, an exclusive UI/UX, and an advanced tech stack built on the most recent Binance Smart Chain, Opris offers a premium Pancakeswap clone script that functions similarly to popular DeFi exchanges like PancakeSwap. Customers can easily trade BEP20 tokens on the decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap, which is based on AMM

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01How scalable is the exchange application developed by Opris?

The development method followed by opris to develop the exchange application will be in a way where every functionality of the platform will be dynamic enough to be customised and scaled without any core changes in the setup.

02 How long does it take to set up a cryptocurrency trading platform?

The timeline to set up a trading platform widely differs based on the way the platform functions. Opris promises 3 working days to deploy a world class base version of P2P trading application in a dedicated server.

03What is the minimum server specification required to host a trading application?

Listed below are the basic server requirements to host a trading application.

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD
  • Centos or Ubuntu * version
  • 3 to 4 CPU
  • 4 to 5 TB Bandwidth

04What technology does Opris use to develop a trading platform?

We in Opris don't compromise on anything that comes closer in reducing the security and the performance of the application. For web and desktop versions we use MERN stack and Flutter for mobile application development.

05What is the business model of cryptocurrency exchange business?

The majority of the earning portions of the exchange are made through the commissions levied on deposit and withdrawal operations and the fair share of the other earnings are done by levying commissions for the trading operations too.

06 How many trades can be handled simultaneously in the trading platform developed by Opris?

The custom trading engine developed by opris engineers with universal trading conditions and efficient tech stack being used on our trading engine can manage around 1,000,000 trades simultaneously with the given server environments and suitable specifications.

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