High-Quality Features of Our Paxful Clone

Trading Bot

Utilize in-app crypto trading bots to raise your chances of getting more returns.

Mutual Exchange

The cross-trading feature of our Paxful clone makes buying and selling bitcoins more easier.

Actual Statistics

Real-time data on valuation, fluctuations, and other market information encourage thoughtful trade decisions.

Various Payment Gateways

Our Paxful clone software boasts an imitation of more than 300 payment options to support quick trading procedures.

Multilingual Assistance

Utilize our paxful clone script for the user base by making the platform's activities multilingual across the globe.

Launchpad Integration

To facilitate automated P2P exchanges, our Paxful clone has a token launch mechanism embedded into it.

Match Engine Swift

By utilising the strength of our clever match engine, buyers and bitcoin sellers are quickly connected.

IEO Integration

Due to the integration of our Paxful clone with the Initial Exchange Offering, immediate tradeability is guaranteed.


Because escrow is used by our platform to support every trade, significant exchange security is guaranteed

Our Paxful clone script's security features

Using two factors to authenticate

Give your login information an additional layer of safety, thereby eradicating fraudulent activity.

Protocol for Secure File Transfer

End-to-end encryption of command and data links allows for the highly secure movement of files.

Virus protection software

As our Paxful clone is equipped with advanced anti-phishing software integration, unauthorised access is tenaciously eradicated.

Prevention of SQL Injection

With our attainable SQL injection protection system built into the Paxful clone, you can ensure very effective data confidentiality and integrity.

Encryption of wallets

By using excessive wallet encryption and an uncrackable passcode, you can instantly feel like your privacy is being traded.

Compliance with GDPR

The stakeholders of the exchange platform can be confident that their personal information is protected because our Paxful clone complies with GDPR requirements to the letter.

Integration of a firewall

Easily protect the trading platform from digital forgery with our dependable firewall software, which will exponentially increase your network security.

Verification of KYC/AML

Consensual KYC and AML compliance checks are made on platform buyers and sellers to ensure diligent trading.

SMS confirmation

With login through SMS verification, our Paxful clone overcomes network limitations to impose greater security standards.

Regular Software Updates

With regular software updates, you can maintain relevance and a hassle-free trading experience while also guaranteeing that there are no bugs or other easily fixable problems.

White-Label Paxful Clone App Development

Our Paxful Clone is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive cryptocurrency exchange platform script that is purposefully made to drive lightning-fast crypto trade at impenetrable security. Due to the Paxful clone's software status being a white label solution, it may be immediately modified to align with your company's values and rebranded with your logo and related business identities. Its versatility emphasizes its functionality with unwavering ease across mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, etc.


What Is the Process of Our Paxful Clone?

paxful-crypto-exchange-software registration

After KYC verification, users are prompted to provide the necessary information and are then registered.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software choose-bitcoin-amount
Choose Bitcoin Amount

Then users enter the platform to select the number of bitcoins and related needs.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software search-sellers
Search Sellers

Utilizing the power of automated matching engines, users are matched with appropriate sellers for the trade.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software begin-trade
Begin Trade

Users can begin buying by selecting a seller and entering the amount they intend to spend.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software seller-details
Seller Details

By integrating the convenience of asymmetric encryption into the platform, confidentiality and non-repudiation of cryptographic transactions are asserted.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software payment-and-confirmation
Payment and Confirmation

Users can use the escrow service to get in touch with the seller directly and get a confirmation of the quantity of bitcoins they want.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software enquire-sales
Enquire Sales

Users can obtain information about open orders, sellers' availabilities, and the payment methods they use, then select a potential seller from the list.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software wallet-transfer
Wallet Transfer

Then, in our Paxful clone, the bitcoins are transmitted to the users' wallets.

Numerous Features Of Our Paxful Clone


SWIFT REGISTRATION centralized-exchange-software-development

By providing their email address and generating login credentials, users can instantly create a user account on the exchange platform.

SETUP OF PROFILE centralized-exchange-software-development

Users are given credit for configuring user profiles because they can specify their choices for currencies, payment methods, etc.

KYC CONFIRMATION centralized-exchange-software-development

Users can authenticate their accounts using a user profile by going through an automated KYC verification process.

CRYPTO WALLET centralized-exchange-software-development

Give your users a multipurpose wallet that can display the wallet balance acquired using our Paxful clone and store cryptocurrencies.

EXCHANGER P2P centralized-exchange-software-development

Users are given access to an automated P2P exchanging module that gives them the utmost convenience when placing orders, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies.

ONLINE CHAT centralized-exchange-software-development

Along with integrating third-party chat systems like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., a communication channel is important for commerce contacts between buyers and sellers.

TRANSACTION INTEGRATIONS centralized-exchange-software-development

We have given our Paxful clone script for a wide range of payment choices, including PayPal, UPI, and others with our paxful clone app development while maintaining the appeal and reputation of cryptocurrencies.

ESCROW centralized-exchange-software-development

With the escrow mechanism mediating every bitcoin trade taking place via the exchange platform, payment security and anonymity are established.

SUPPORT centralized-exchange-software-development

Give your users permission to utilise a dedicated customer care area to receive continuous assistance with platform trade and technical issues.

RATINGS AND REVIEWS centralized-exchange-software-development

Users can choose the best seller for their request by manually sorting the seller community with badges mapping over the customer reviews that are entered directly after a transaction.

Dashboard for the Paxful Escrow Clone Script

Admin Dashboard

Tracking user behaviour on the platform is simple.

For good reasons, traders' profiles might be accessed or blocked.

Users' transaction histories can be voluntarily accessed.

Reviews and ratings from customers can be monitored.

It is possible to check a trader's wallet balance.

Trading actions can be quickly tracked.

white-lable-crypto-exchange-software admin-dashboard
white-lable-crypto-exchange-software trader-dashboard

Trader Dashboard

Access to transaction history is simple.

You can monitor trade conversion rates.

You can see affiliate programme details.

One can check advertisements and offers.

Results from matching engines can be verified.

The online presence of a trader can be followed.

What makes our Paxful clone a World-Class Solution?

With our Paxful clone, we at Opris have once again emphasized the importance of cryptocurrency trading with a dependable Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is crammed with industry-leading features and outfitted with extraordinary security and privacy technologies that protect the integrity of the crypto trade. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with a creative paxful clone script that resonates with innate business senses. And apart from developing paxful clone app we also help businesses to create their cryptocurrency exchange platform with our cryptocurrency exchange software development services.

Advantages Of Using Our WazirX Clone Script

Numerous Payment Options

Users can engage in transactions almost by any manner because there are more than 300 different payment choices available

Independent P2P Trading

Gives users complete freedom to independently purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges without interference from outside parties.

Functionality Support

Because cryptos are naturally universally accepted and have a global user base, we offer our cryptocurrency exchange development services in all of the major languages spoken worldwide.

Centralized Dashboard

Effective management is ensured by providing the business owners with a bird's-eye perspective of the whole business operations on the platform.

Ratings and Reviews

Since admins have access to customer evaluations and feedback on different sellers and the entire process, corrective actions can be put in place.

Offline Wallets

Administrators can secure the cryptos in an exclusive offline wallet in addition to the necessary internet wallet while conducting transactions.


Users don't need to worry about fraudulent activity because our WazirX clone conducts business using escrow wallets, an extremely secure method of exchanging digital currency.

Why Launch A Platform For Bitcoin Exchanges Like Paxful?

paxful-crypto-exchange-software view-orders
View Orders

Users have the right to view real-time order books with related information, such as the kind of cryptocurrency, exchange rates, price, available payment methods, etc.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software manual-trading
Manual Trading

Buyers and sellers that prefer manual trading over automated exchange can purchase or sell cryptocurrencies to the appropriate individuals.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software recent-orders
Recent Orders

Users are authorised to monitor the most recent orders and their specific transaction details in order to determine the type of trading.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software order-tracking
Order Tracking

Users are informed at every step of the transaction process and may monitor the status of live and ongoing orders quickly.

paxful-crypto-exchange-software raise-disputes
Raise Disputes

Users can easily raise objections about a specific transaction and ask for an administrator's assistance if they are dissatisfied with the procedure or believe they have been taken advantage of.

Options for Making Money With Our Paxful Clone Script

Trading Fee

A specified portion of each transaction that occurs on your P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform is paid to you as the required trading fee, which is the main source of income for your company.

List Price

App developers are allowed to charge a sizeable listing fee for adding new cryptocurrencies to your P2P trading platform. More currencies like Bitcoin are expected to be introduced in the upcoming years due to the impending normalisation of cryptocurrencies.

Fee for Deposit & Withdrawal

You can greatly increase your chances of success in the industry by making some of your platform's most fundamental functions, like depositing and withdrawing money, monetizable.


How can Opris help you launch Paxful App or Platform similar to a Crypto exchange platform?

It may seem difficult to create a full-featured peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform from scratch, but it is not if you choose Opris 's thorough Paxful clone. It is your tried-and-true answer for building your cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Paxful. It was diligently thought out, gorgeously designed, and innovatively constructed. Get in touch with us to learn more about our cryptocurrency exchange development services and Paxful clone software

Why Launch a Centralized Exchange Platform Like Poloniex?


Accepting All Cryptocurrencies

Our Poloniex clone expands its activities beyond the most popular, well-established cryptocurrencies, in contrast to other crypto exchanges. Users may easily process trades and find any coin type.


Margin Trading

Users can begin trading cryptocurrencies with a minimal sum. Even a $100 well-performed investment has the potential to provide substantial returns.


Improved Security

To prevent any potential hacks or robberies, our Poloniex clone has multiple layers of security. Only a small portion of user deposits—the majority of which are kept in cold wallets—remain in the network to permit hassle-free trading.


How Can You Start Paxful like A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Are you eager to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange like Poloniex? If Yes? Then, it is crucial for you to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange software services option that can give you a solid foundation in the cryptocurrency market.

Do you lack starting point knowledge? Have no concerns. We are available to assist you in every way possible. At Opris, we provide a white-label Poloniex clone script with all of Poloniex.com's features and functionalities. Our script is completely adaptable and very flexible. It helps you launch and run your cryptocurrency platform successfully in the lowest amount of time. Get in touch with us to customize and deploy your cryptocurrency solution.

The Development Process Of Our Poloniex Like Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

To create a safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform similar to Poloniex, our skilled team of developers works day and night. The complete procedure is carried out as follows:

Understanding Your Needs

We will first set aside time for a thorough discussion of your proposal for the creation of a bitcoin exchange platform. After that, we do market research to verify your idea. We can keep you updated about the dangers and advantages by doing this.

Interactive UI

Our in-house designers work hard to provide users with an intuitive user experience that makes accessing your platform simple.

Strong Back-End

To create a platform for bitcoin exchange that is both extremely functional and secure, our skilled engineers use the most cutting-edge technologies.

Quality Controls

We do all essential testing on the platform because we cannot take a chance with its smooth transactions. All flaws and defects are examined and fixed.

The Great Day!

For user convenience, the fully tailored, secure Poloniex clone is made live on all key platforms.

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