Bybit Exchange Clone Software: Business's
Path To Crypto Exchange Success

Bybit clone script is customized software that helps entrepreneurs to scale easily. Create a Bybit-like cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can monitor real-time market positions, user transactions, and coin values, and access cryptocurrency market conditions. Building a perfect and reliable cryptocurrency exchange using Bybit clone software supports 100+ cryptos, with various features like copy trading, spot trading, web3 functionality, and more.


Futuristic Features Of The
Bybit Clone App

Building a tech-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bybit has some important features that must be integrated into the Bybit exchange clone app.


Margin trading

This feature will help increase trading potential by raising volumes, encouraging active trading, and borrowing money, all of which have the potential to yield higher returns.


Futures trading

When you develop a Bybit clone application, this feature facilitates speculation and risk management, enabling users to guess future price movements.


Spot trading

With the help of spot trading, instantaneous transactions occur at the standard rate of the market, guaranteeing users' simplicity, quickness, and convenience of use.


Order types

Give users a variety of order options to accommodate a range of trading strategies and enable them to execute trades in a way that suits their preferences.


API integration

One can access platform data and attract developers and trading bot enthusiasts to promote innovation and development.


Security features

This feature protects money and private data, fosters user trust, and protects the platform's reputation from security risks by adding all the important security features.


Optimized White-Label Bybit Clone Software

Get an optimized whitelabel Bybit clone script from Opris to advance your cryptocurrency exchange endeavor. With our solutions, you can learn how to set up a crypto trading platform like Bybit so that you attain success. You can quickly launch your exchange without having to deal with the difficulties of development because of its sophisticated features and smooth integration.

As a Bybit clone script development company we help your cryptocurrency exchange business stand out from others. You can profit from our strong security protocols, which guarantee the protection of user assets and information. With our effective, scalable, and user-friendly solution, you can stay ahead of the competition in the crypto market. Improve your company right now by using our ready-to-market Bybit clone exchange software.

Multi-Layered Security Features Added Into
The Bybit Exchange Clone Application

Security is one of the key components of this copy trading platform. These protect all the information

SSL encryption
Cold storage
Password hashing
Two-factor authentication
Multi-signature wallets
Security audits
IP whitelisting
DDoS protection
Business Benefits Of Creating A Bybit Crypto Exchange Script

We help you launch the fastest crypto trading exchange platform like Bybit because of the numerous perks it offers for a crypto startup.

Market Opportunity

Businesses can profit from a booming cryptocurrency market by drawing users in and taking advantage of the increasing demand by building on Bybit's success.

Brand Recognition

To instantly establish credibility and draw in customers who are already familiar with the well-known brand, copy Bybit's features.


 We utilize current technology to cut development costs and accelerate time to market in order to save time and resources.


Adapt the platform to particular needs and branding to allow for differentiation and successfully target particular market segments.

Revenue Generation

To ensure long-term profitability, we help you create a variety of revenue streams from trading fees, listings, premium features, and partnerships.


You can build the platform with ease of expansion in mind so that as the user base grows, performance and experience stay at the highest level.

Build A Bybit Crypto Exchange Platform
With Scalable Admin And User Features

When you develop a Bybit exchange clone apps these are the admin and user features that will enhance the functionality of the app. As a Bybit clone script development service provider these features can be customized as well.


This feature will help increase trading potential by raising volumes, encouraging active trading, and borrowing money, all of which have the potential to yield higher returns.

User Management

Launch a Bybit clone script with this feature, it includes tools for creating, confirming, suspending, and deleting user accounts.

Trading Pair Management

The admin can add, remove, or alter trading pairs including fiat currency and cryptocurrency pairs that are accessible on the platform.

KYC/AML compliance

ntegration with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification services to guarantee regulatory compliance.

Fee Management

Admin has the control over transaction, withdrawal, and trading fees along with the ability to modify them in response to market and business strategy changes.

Order Book Management

You can keep an eye on and oversee the order book, which may include order cancellation, order matching, and order manipulation when needed.

Account Registeration

Users can easily and quickly create accounts because of the user-friendly account registration process.

Wallet Management Tools

Using this feature the users can deposit, withdraw, and transfer cryptocurrency wallets easily.

Trading Interface

We create an easy-to-use trading interface featuring order placement, sophisticated charting tools, and real-time market data.

Order Types

To support different trading strategies, a range of order types are supported, such as market orders, limit orders and stop orders.

Portfolio Management Features

This category includes features like profit/loss calculations, transaction histories, and balance inquiries for tracking and managing trading portfolios.

Notification Settings

This is another important feature that lets users set up alerts for price changes, order executions, and other significant trading-related events.

Types Of Orders In The
Bybit Clone Script

The Bybit clone script developed by us includes many order types, and you can choose the best match for your business

Limit Order

Pre-setting the cryptocurrency price in this limit order is necessary if you need to fill out the order. There are also buy-limit orders. A higher price than the one at which they last transacted is required to be set for traders.

Market Order

The user can fill the order book at the best market price instantly with this much simpler method. Traders can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies fast with this order. This is one type of important order type in the Bybit clone software.

Conditional Order

Businesses can include this type of conditional order in the Bybit clone script. It is required conditions are met, this honorable order is automatically carried out. Also they can customize it according to their requirements.

Work-Flow Of The Bybit Exchange
Clone Software

The working process of the Bybit clone script is very similar to the original Bybit crypto exchange. It has an easy step-by-step process with exceptional user interface.


The first step is that users must first create an account by entering their email address and password.


After registration, they will complete the necessary KYC/AML processes, guaranteeing compliance, and gaining access to all platform functionalities.


Users transfer fiat money or cryptocurrency funds from bank accounts or external wallets to their accounts.


 Users get access to a variety of cryptocurrency pairings, using the platform's user-friendly interface to engage in buying and selling activities.

Portfolio Monitoring

They can use the platform's portfolio management features to keep tabs on trading positions, account balances, and performance indicators.


Users can safely move their cryptocurrency or fiat money to their bank accounts or external wallets. This is the final step in the process.

We Build Bybit Clone Software On
Various Platforms

In our Bybit clone script development services, we can launch the clone script on any preferred platform based on business preference.

Why choose Bybit clone script development services from Opris?

Businesses can take advantage by working with a leading Bybit clone script development company like Opris. We provide a smooth and safe exchange platform and also offer custom solutions made to fit your company's needs. Our Bybit clone software developers provide cutting-edge features and strong security measures with an emphasis on innovation and dependability. In the cutthroat cryptocurrency market, trust Opris to support the success of your venture from concept to implementation. Enhance your exchange experience with our track record of success and dedication to quality.

Result-drive approach
On-time delivery
Round-the-clock support
Industry expertise
Creative solutions

01 What is Bybit clone script?

It is a customizable version of Bybit's platform that allows you to start your own cryptocurrency exchange with the same features and functionalities

02 What features are included in your Bybit clone script?

The features we offer can also be customized and some features in the clone script are advanced security, futures and margin trading, as well as an intuitive user interface.

03 Is the Bybit clone script secure?

Indeed, it has strong security features including secure coding techniques, two-factor authentication, and SSL encryption.

04 Is the Bybit clone script customizable?

Yes, you can customize it based on your business preferences like fees, trading pairs, branding, and other aspects.

05 How much time does it take to set up an exchange like Bybit?

This depends on the business requirements, it's usually quicker than starting from scratch and resulting in resource and time savings.

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