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Tired of complicated financial management systems? Then, Defi wallet app development is the perfect solution. By harnessing the power of Blockchain technology, the expert app developers at opris will help you launch your own DeFi wallet app.



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Opris DeFi wallet development solutions offers user-friendly interfaces, where traders can easily buy, sell, store, and send cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. Also, The non-custodial wallet ensures that they have complete ownership and control over their funds and identity. Ready to streamline your financial management? Build a DeFi wallet app and take your business to the next level.

Opris: Develop a secure DeFi wallet application with Opris

Opris software developers specialize in creating a user-friendly white label DeFi crypto wallets that allow users to store, manage, and trade their digital assets with ease. Also, leveraging the latest blockchain technologies and security measures to ensure that the assets are always safe and secure.

With opris, Users have access to advanced features such as seamless integration with various DeFi protocols, multi-asset support, and a user-friendly interface. And, the forefront wallets are fully customizable to unique needs and preferences. Don't settle for a substandard DeFi wallet that puts the assets at risk. Choose opris and stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced world of DeFi.

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Opris utilizes the modern technology stack to develop a scalable whitelabel DeFi crypto wallet architecture

With the help of ready-made white label DeFi wallet app developers, Opris creates the best wallet and focus on the most popular programming languages.


Develop a DeFi wallet app with these predominant components

Opris app developers will help businesses to build a best DeFi wallet apps for iOS and Android. With a list of predominant components, providing the best trader experience in managing and trading digital assets.

Non-custodial wallet

Develop a Web3 wallet application with the non-custodial module. It allows your traders to receive, and send funds or cryptos. They know that they are the sole owner of those funds without any involvement of their party.

Unbounded over assets

Launch a best Web3 wallet app that has a complete control of the digital assets is given to the sole trader. The defi wallet app built by opris will have a unique set of key pair which has control over the cryptos. It is an added security in the recovery phase if one forgets the password.

Multi crypto support

Startups can get started with DeFi crypto wallet app development with multi-support cryptocurrency support. With the integration of this module, the defi wallet supports all the networks and chains that give a seamless transaction of cryptos.


Opris DeFi wallet development solutions include multi-signature that are highly secure and tamper-proof. To access the wallet your trader will require more than 2 private keys to approve and send a transaction. It also requires cryptographic signatures to access the wallet.

Easy user interface

When businesses choose to create a DeFi wallet application, the user interface is a very effective module packed inside the opris developed defi wallet application. It helps traders to navigate easily and thus gives them a better experience to trade with very little or no effort.


Swapping is a crucial module for your traders that is packed in DeFi wallet software development solution by opris. This helps your traders to swap tokens at a lightning speed at the best possible rates in a completely decentralized space.


Opris defi wallet app development service supported by the lending module. Using this module your trader can lend or borrow cryptos assets without the help of any intermediaries. This can automatically be processed through smart contracts.


The staking module is considered as an earning module for successful defi wallet app. In this, the traders can stake the token of their choice for a certain time period to yield high income in return for staking their tokens.

Primary features included in opris developed defi wallet

Browser extension


A browser extension is a primary feature that is incorporated while developing the defi wallet application by opris. Your traders can access all the defi protocols using the browser extension itself. This might be very useful to trade without leaving the comfort zone.

Defi desktop wallet


Opris defi wallet app development service that supports the desktop wallet which is a key feature of this. It helps to restore the wallet with a 12-word recovery phrase. Your traders can access all the advanced features and more.

NFC support


NFC or near-field communication is a tag included as a primary feature in opris built defi wallet application. This allows your traders to complete the cryptocurrency payments using their smartphones which increases the speed.

Automated conversion rate


The automated conversion rate is a convenient feature added into opris built defi wallet app. These features will automatically convert the rates and help your traders to keep track of their balances in native fiat currencies.

Instant cash out


Opris build defi wallet application supports instant cash-out features. The users may receive instantaneously the fiat currency after selling the crypto assets. It will help vendors who are dealing with fiat currencies.

Customized notification


The customized notification is a primary feature included in opris built defi wallet application. This enables your traders to set up customizable notifications that help them to stay up to date with informed transactions, balance updates, and other important events.

DeFi app integration


The integration of the DeFi app is built by the opris DeFi wallet. This primary feature is helpful for your traders to access a wide range of defi products and services within the wallet itself. They need not leave the console or page.

Multi-lingual support


In order to attract many global traders opris defi wallet supports multi-languages. It is useful for your traders to access all the features and their accounts through the language they prefer.



The defi wallet built by opris has no KYC features in it. This decentralized wallet has no KYC (know your customer) or verification process to access it. Only connecting it to web2 allows your traders to use the wallet.

Stay ahead of the threats: The advanced security features of opris DeFi wallet app

SSL integration

Opris build defi wallet application has SSL encryption packed into its security features. This features ensures that your traders have secure communication between the traders and the server. It prevents data theft and maintains confidentiality.

End-to-end encryption

The end-to-end encryption in the opris built defi wallet app, secures and encrypts all the data stored included in the defi wallet. This security feature maintains encrypted communication between traders.

Multi-layer verification

The multi-layer authentication is offered in opris built defi wallet application. It requires multiple access to log in to the account. This can help protect against various types of attacks such as phishing, or any other activities.

Device-enabled security

The device enables security as an added security feature in opris built defi wallet application. This will store access from a particular device that a trader potentially uses all the time. If there is any change in that an alert is sent to the traders.

Ethereum-built smart contracts

The opris build defi wallet application is highly secured in the ethereum blockchain. Ethreum-based smart contracts are supported to safeguard all the wallet information of your traders.

Indisputable Tokens

The tokens that are added in the opris developed defi wallet application are unique digital assets that represent the ownership of a particular item or asset. These cannot be exchanged because each owns a value.

Optional KYC Integration

The KYC integration is an optional security feature included in the opris built defi wallet application. This feature is not mandatory as there will be another process for identification to verify the authentication of the trader.

Hardware wallet integration

Allows traders to store their private keys on a physical device that is disconnected from the internet,opris defi wallet app provides an additional layer of protection against hackers.

Timelock function

Enables traders to set a delay period before executing a transaction, Opris defi wallet provides time to cancel the transaction if any suspicious activity is detected.

Two-party transactions

DeFi Wallet app requires approval from both the trader and the wallet provider before any funds can be moved, opris defi wallet adds an extra layer of security to the transaction process.

Build a DeFi crypto wallet on any platform

Opris developers helps startups to launch a defi wallet application that is adaptable to every device like Android, iOS, cloud, and web.


Accelerate your cryptocurrency exchange business with Opris

Successful cryptocurrency exchange application development requires a balanced approach. We blend personalized, in-depth technical guidance with scalable script. By leveraging Agile development methodologies, trading tools, and best practices around security and risk management. we help fintech based businesses meet their needs reliably and efficiently.


Extended add-ons incorporated in opris DeFi wallet app development

QR scanner code

The QR scanner code is an added option when you create a DeFi wallet app from opris. The traders can simply scan the QR code given to access their wallet or check any assets, and balances.

Liquidity Provision

Opris can build DeFi wallet app support liquidity provision services. Traders can contribute funds to liquidity pools and earn a share of transaction fees generated by the pool.

Borrowing and Lending

Borrowing and lending are included in opris defi wallet app development. These defi wallets may offer borrowing and lending services, where traders can borrow or lend cryptocurrencies or digital assets at interest rates that are determined by supply and demand.

Integration with dApps

Launch a defi wallet app with opris development service providers. They integrate with decentralized applications (Dapps), allowing users to seamlessly interact with these applications and their corresponding smart contracts.

Portfolio Management

Build a Defi crypto wallet app from opris that may also offer portfolio management tools, such as tracking of portfolio performance and analytics to help traders make informed decisions.

Asset Swapping

Asset swapping is supported by opris defi wallet app development, which enables traders to easily and quickly trade one type of cryptocurrency or digital asset for another.

Fiat onramp

Opris can build defi wallet app allows traders to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat directly within the wallet, without the need to use a centralized exchange.

Decentralized identity (DID) integration

The defi wallet app released by opris provides users with a decentralized identity that can be used across various DeFi protocols, enabling a seamless user experience.

Launch cryptocurrency exchange application with the readymade Defi wallet Application

Discover the power of decentralized finance with opris Defi wallet development service - Get started today!

Admin features in the Opris DeFi wallet app

Comprehensive dashboard
User management
Transaction monitoring
KYC/AML integration
Liquidity management
Cold storage management
Smart contract management
Integration with third-party DeFi protocols
Analytics and Reporting
Security management
Backup and disaster recovery
Auditing and compliance
API integration
Fee management
Token management

User features in the Opris DeFi crypto wallet application

User-friendly interface
Customizable dashboard
Multi-chain support
Real-time asset tracking
Portfolio management tools
Push notifications
QR code support
Contact list integration
Transaction history
Gas optimization
Address book
Smart contract interaction
Multiple wallet support
Backup and restore options
24/7 customer support

Develop your DeFi wallet application for Android and iOS

Opris defi wallet app development solutions offer a seamless user experience on both Android and iOS platforms. With the advanced security measures in place, you can rest assured that your trader's crypto assets are always protected from potential threats. With support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, users can manage all their assets in one place. So if you're looking to provide your traders with a secure and easy-to-use DeFi wallet on both Android and iOS, look no further than Opris ! Try opris to build a defi wallet today and experience the future of decentralized finance!


Launch cryptocurrency exchange application with the readymade defi Wallet Application

Take your DeFi experience to the next level with opris defi wallet development service

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Benefits to choosing to build a DeFi wallet application from opris

Securely manage and trade cryptocurrency with opris DeFi wallet. Enjoy high scalability, customizable UI, fast deployment, and more.

High scalability

As DeFi Wallet app development service designed on a high-performance blockchain infrastructure, it can process a lot of transactions quickly and smoothly. Users may now carry out transactions quickly and efficiently.

Customized UI

DeFi Wallet app development service has a customizable user interface that can be adjusted to match the specific needs and preferences of each user. This implies that consumers may personalize their wallets to reflect their brand.

Faster deployment

DeFi Wallet development service is a quick deployment technique that enables customers to be up and running quickly and effortlessly. This implies that consumers may begin utilizing the wallet immediately, allowing them to efficiently manage their crypto assets.

Ready to launch

Opris DeFi Wallet development service is a ready-to-launch solution, so customers don't need to invest time and money in creating a new wallet from scratch in order to utilize it. Users are able to concentrate on their primary business tasks as a result of the time and money saved.

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is provided by opris DeFi Wallet development service to guarantee the privacy of customers' financial and personal information. Users benefit from this peace of mind and increase the platform's confidence.

We go the extra mile

Your success is our success. We take responsibility for the success of your project

Opris cryptocurrency exchange script developed by Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd is a team of experts in digital product development for web and mobile, certified professionals in digital solutions. We have extensive experience in many industries including the following — Fintech, Martech, Edutech.

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Why is modern technology stack preferable for your defi wallet development service?

The next generation of technology stack that will transform life significantly. Experience lightning-fast and seamless data transactions with modern technology, even when dealing with high volumes of trading requests. Enjoy faster transactions and improved scalability with the advanced support system.

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We believe that any sufficiently advanced software is equivalent to magic.


Opris utilizes the modern technology stack to develop a scalable crypto DeFi wallet architecture

With the help of white label crypto Defi wallet app developers, Opris creates the best wallet software and focus on the most popular programming languages.

Why do you need to prefer opris for defi wallet development?

With advanced security features and a user-friendly interface, opris offers one of the predominant DeFi wallet development services that is a secure and convenient solution for Android and iOS platforms.

100% source code
Free installation & set up
One time payment
Multiple languages (RTL, LTR)
End to end support
Security & reliability
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01 What are the benefits of the opris defi wallet app development service?

The defi wallet application built by opris has various benefits. It included right from advanced security, asset management, transparency, round clock support. With the help of blockchain technology, it is easy to analyze financial data, execute transactions, and trade cryptos.

02 How to earn revenue with DeFi wallet app?

One can earn profits by investing some cryptos into the DeFi wallet app. Apart from that there are few fees for trading to use the network. There is a withdrawal fee, IEO fee, and more to keep a regular income flowing toward you.

03 Is opris defi wallet app development secure?

The defi wallet application developed by opris is completely secure, as the team is highly focused on it. All the funds or cryptos are protected with a private key so that only the trader can access it and it is not advisable to share the key with others. With all the security features like multi-layer verification, ethereum based smart contracts, etc are incorporated into it.

04 What customer support is available for Opris DeFi wallet users?

Opris defi wallet development service provides 24/7 customer support to its users via email, chat, and social media channels. The wallet also has a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section to help users troubleshoot common issues.

05 What is the cost to build an opris defi wallet application?

At opris, the cost to develop a defi wallet application will depend on various factors. It might cost more or less depending on the predominant features that you wish to add. The cost will also vary based on the time duration and the demand for the delivery.

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