Pioneering White Label P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

White Label typically refers to a ready-to-use product that can be customized and is created by one company and used for another company. These White Label solutions are extremely cost-effective in addition to saving time. For our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange, it's the same. We provide highly secure White Label P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software development services that are very customizable and can be introduced worldwide in the crypto market in a couple of days. Our P2P Crypto Exchange development services have a wide range of security components, making our solution impenetrable. Our White Label P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software will undoubtedly increase your company's ROI and help you get an advantage over your rivals thanks to KYC/AML compliance and an engaging user experience.


Our P2P Cryptocurrency Software Exchange Features

Escrow System

Users can conduct transactions securely with the help escrow system, which is an additional layer of security. It monitors user activity and makes sure that P2P cryptocurrency exchanges run smoothly.

KYC/AML Verification

KYC/AML assists in verifying the users' identities and helps prevent future fraudulent behavior (such as money laundering and terrorist financing).

Dispute Management System

Any disputes that surface during cryptocurrency transactions are dealt with through a dispute management system. It is in charge of lowering the general dispute rate.

Atomic Swap

Without the requirement for a centralized authority, P2P exchange software signifies trusted users' transactions. Atomic swaps are based on the idea that they either complete or terminate, which lessens the possibility of disagreements in the event of an agreement breach.

Admin Panel

A secure admin panel is supported with easy controls for the effective management of crucial components like the escrow system and dispute management.

Multi-language Support

With the help of this feature, you may draw people from all over the world to your P2P cryptocurrency exchange. You have the freedom to communicate in your desired language because of the multilingual support.

Seamless Registration

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform feature has a quick registration process that lets users begin trading immediately.

Two Factor Authentication

By enabling an OTP in addition to a username and password to access your crypto exchange account, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra degree of security.

Search Option

Using the search feature, you may swiftly and easily find the orders you're looking for.

How does our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange software links the buyer and seller whenever a match between a purchase and sell order is discovered rather than starting a trade. This enables the buyer and seller to negotiate directly with one another without interference from middlemen or third parties. Consider looking at the workflow.
Step 1

Users can register and create an account on the P2P cryptocurrency exchange software.

Step 2

The user can trade cryptocurrencies after successfully completing KYC/AML verification.

Step 3

The user generates a wallet address and places a buy order.

Step 4

The trade engine matches the appropriate seller with the buyer.

Step 5

Buyer and seller agree to the conditions and verify that they are compatible.

Step 6

Cryptos are directly transferred to Escrow from the seller’s account.

Step 7

Cryptos are released immediately by the escrow into the buyer's account after they complete the payment and the seller confirms it.

Step 8

For privacy, these cryptocurrencies are retained in the buyer's cold wallet.

Opris P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Process

View Orders

Users have the right to view real-time order books with related information, such as the kind of cryptocurrency, exchange rates, price, available payment methods, etc.

Manual Trading

Buyers and sellers that prefer manual trading over automated exchange can purchase or sell cryptocurrencies to the appropriate individuals.

Recent Orders

Users are authorised to monitor the most recent orders and their specific transaction details in order to determine the type of trading.

Recent Orders

Users are authorised to monitor the most recent orders and their specific transaction details in order to determine the type of trading.

Recent Orders

Users are authorised to monitor the most recent orders and their specific transaction details in order to determine the type of trading.

Benefits Of Our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Built-in digital wallets
Robust trading engine
Immaculate security
Built by blockchain professionals
Incredibly quick transactions

Delivering End to End P2P Cryptocurrency Development Services for Your Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The highly regarded cryptocurrency exchange development business Opris exchange excels at providing cutting-edge products and services. Years of experience have been accumulated by our talented developers in providing cutting-edge solutions. With the help of our Peer to Peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange platform service, you will not require any middleman and save money. We create incredibly secure, adaptable solutions that may be customized as needed. Join the crypto revolution with our ground-breaking exchange.
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