Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services in UAE

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services in UAE

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services in UAE


Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency that uses Blockchain technology to function. UAE is a global leader in cryptocurrency technology and is committed to using these technologies to handle at least 50% of all federal government transactions.

On October 17, 2017, the UAE government launched its cryptocurrency, EMCASH, for payment purposes such as education, transportation, online payments, government services, and more. Following the success of EMCASH, the UAE government announced the launch of another Crypto coin in December 2017 to make cross-border payments to Saudi Arabia. It demonstrates how the UAE government has taken the lead with cryptocurrencies. The UAE government is welcoming crypto-based startups and encouraging business individuals interested in launching a crypto-based business in Dubai.

Best Crypto Exchange in UAE and Dubai

With over 100+ providers active in the crypto industry, We have listed the top 5 best crypto exchanges that can satisfy the trade needs.

BitOasis – BitOasis is the Middle East’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying and selling 60+ cryptocurrencies.

BitPado – BitPado is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with various crypto traders and accepts currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

Emcredit – Emcredit is the economic department branch of the Dubai government, EMCASH – Emarat Cards, the official cryptocurrency of the United Arab Emirates.

Palmex – Palmex is the newest crypto exchange trading platform that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Adab – Adab Solutions launched the first Islamic cryptocurrency trading platform in August of this year, adhering to strict Islamic rules and laws.

Legislation and regulators of cryptocurrencies in the UAE

The UAE Central Bank and the Dubai Supreme Legislation Committee encourage companies and entrepreneurs who want to conduct Cryptocurrency-based business in the UAE.

VAT – Value Added Tax – is a newly introduced tax system in the UAE on January 1, 2018, at a standard rate of 5%. Cryptocurrencies have not yet fallen under the VAT system, so there are no income taxes for cryptocurrency projects in the UAE.


1. The availability of 100% foreign ownership of a local company – no need to look for local partners;

2. There are no restrictions on the transfer of a company’s income and capital.

3. Favorable tax regime – 0% corporate income tax for the subsequent 50 years of operation;

4. 0% rates for import and re-export taxes;

5. There are no currency restrictions.

6. There are currently no restrictions on involving foreign employees in the company’s operations

The Abu Dhabi Global Market is an International Financial Center in Abu Dhabi. They have launched the framework to regulate and detect crypto asset activities such as money laundering, financial crime, consumer protection, technology governance, and exchange operations.

What are the Steps to Set Up a Crypto Exchange Business in Dubai?

To start a legal business in the UAE, you must first obtain a crypto license to provide customers with crypto-related services and store their coins. UAE Cryptocurrency transactions in blockchain get completed if all members approve; this reduces the possibility of fraud and money laundering; several anti-money laundering laws exist in the UAE. 

Companies in the UAE can trade and manage their digital currencies with a cryptocurrency business license from:

1. Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC)

2. Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

3. The following documents are required to obtain a company license:

4. ID Proof;

5. Confirmation of the registered residence address;

6. Document the confirmation of the future company’s name;

7. A thorough business plan.

8. Foreign investors and crypto enthusiasts from around the world can start a crypto business in Dubai by following these steps:

9. Finalize the name of your company

10. Choose your preferred jurisdiction

11. Apply for a cryptocurrency license

12. Follow All Compliance Regulations

Where can I get the unsurpassed cryptocurrency exchange script?

White Label Crypto Exchange Software can help you start your own online business. Clone scripts eliminate the need to create an app/website from scratch and enable entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses quickly. Obtaining a popular clone script from a reputable clone script provider is one of the most effective ways to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

Opris is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company that provides world-class Blockchain Development Services and Solutions to all crypto entrepreneurs in Dubai who want to start a cryptocurrency and blockchain-based business. Our experienced and skilled developers will assist you in transforming the traditional financial program with a white-label Bitcoin trading script. It also aids in the execution of secure and transparent transactions. We offer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Services in the UAE.

1. Binance Clone Script

2. Coinbase Clone Script

3. Localbitcoins Clone Script

4. Poloniex Clone Script

5. Paxful Clone Script

6. Remitano Clone Script

7. Kucoin Clone Script

8. Kraken Clone Script

9. Huobi Clone Script

10. Wazirx Clone Script

11. Luno clone script

12. Bittrex clone script

13. OKEX clone script

What are the essential features you need to check when investing in crypto exchange software?

The list of some distinct trading and exceptional features to check in crypto exchange software includes:

1. Margin trading

2. IEO launchpad

3. Liquidity API

4. Atomic swaps

5. Trader console

6. Admin Console

7. Trading bot

8. Multi Cryptocurrency wallet

9. Payment gateway integration

10. Order matching engine

11. Referral program

12. KYC/AML solutions

Security Features:

The list of some enhanced security features to check in crypto exchange software includes:

1. Token-Based HTTP Authentication.

2. Data Encryption.

3. Jail Login.

4. Two-Factor Authentication.

5. Anti-Denial of Service (Dos)

6. Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

7. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Security Mechanism

8. Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

9. HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Services in UAE, Dubai

Opris offer the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services in the United Arab Emirates

1. Centralized Exchange Development

2. Decentralized Exchange Development

3. Hybrid Exchange Development

4. P2P Exchange Development

5. Escrow Exchange Development

6. OTC Exchange Development

7. Derivative Exchange Development

8. White Label Exchange Development

9. Exchange development like Binance

10. Copy Trading Exchange Development

Our cryptocurrency exchange software products are available in iOS, Android, and web versions.

Why Choose Opris For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Opris is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development services with years of experience creating user-friendly solutions based on the needs of its clients. We offer the best Cryptocurrency Development Services to all companies and entrepreneurs looking to launch a crypto-based business in the UAE. 

1. Proven platform

2. Cost-efficient

3. Ready-made white label solution

4. 100% customizable

5. Brand recognition

6. Well-tested platform

7. On-time project delivery

8. Post-development support

Opris meets your initial needs for business setup in Dubai and creates a broader business scope for your company in the UAE markets, understanding the organization’s requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Based on the UAE’s laws, now is the best time to start a Crypto Exchange Software Development. Contact the crypto experts at the Opris, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We provide secure ways to trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets through cryptocurrency exchange software solutions. Our consultants can help you finalize the location, obtain a crypto license, and much more at a low cost!